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My philosophy

امتیاز کاربران

ستاره فعالستاره فعالستاره فعالستاره فعالستاره غیر فعال

Since i was a child,i have always wanted to be an effective person in other people,s life.When i entered the world of Nutrition and Alternative Treatment.I tried to design simple and inexpensive ways for people in this field.In this way i tried to make a bridge between Modern Nutrition science and Traditional Medicine.I tried hard and when i learned about philosophy of Mizaj.i understood that i have found my lost one and i found it the most complete science in the world of  health.Since then i have been trying to make a modern comprehension of this deep and specific science.I hope i can be useful and can transfer all my findings to the others.


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فکس: 44 33 22 11 (021) 98+

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